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Expertise arising from the working years of that at the head of the company, since EcoShipping is headed by Commercial Director Walter Joaquim, whose experience dates back to 1977, when he started his activities in the coffee world, meanwhile acquiring also a vast expertise in export as well as in import procedures.

Being intent on doing away with bureaucracy and imparting greater flexibility to processes, by striving to reduce finalization deadlines to a minimum, by allying perfection to rapidity, EcoShipping undertakes to speed all steps to bring to a close export and import procedures as soon as possible, bearing in mind that avoiding delays means respecting the client.

Thus, EcoShipping opened its doors to the international market, not as just one more logistic company such as so many throughout Brazil, but instead aiming to put forward a differentiated proposal which includes earnest, ethical, creative, and competitive work.

Operating in the market as a NVOCC (Non Vessel Operator Common Carrier), EcoShipping has adopted on implementing its quality policy the acronym NVOCC – New, Vision, Organization, Creativity, and Competitiveness. Undaunted by the New, with a Vision receptive to the market, the future and the new technologies, with an impeccable Organization and with Creativity strengthening a Competitive spirit, EcoShipping emerges in the market as a differentiated company.

As a Freight Forwarder, our company runs the whole process of the logistics chain and, by complementing the task of relieving clients of any concerns about the cargo, adds to its activities of Freight Forwarder those of a NVOCC, to ensure that the client, literally “waiting for his ship to come in”, will have no concern other than choosing the best place to see ships in transit transporting his cargo. All the remaining work and concern are borne by EcoShipping.

EcoShipping is a company ready to operate with all kinds of cargo, either in importing or in exporting, following up every phase step by step and issuing reports that enable our clients to be kept informed of the process status in real time.


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